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Houston vegan lifestyle & trendsetter offers classes preparing organic and seasonal meals at popular culinary institute, Sur La Table

Kristina Carrillo- Bucaram, raw food pioneer and expert, launches a new series of cooking classes “Eat It Raw”. The classes, focused on how to prepare fully vegan raw and delicious meals, are offered on Wednesday, February 1 and February 15, from 11:30 – 1:30 at Sur La Table in the City Center, Town & Country.  Her introductory classes cover the basics of turning your fresh, local, and organic produce into luscious meals. In her first class, she prepares salads and gazpachos while her second addresses how to create a healthy yet delicious dessert. Her classes advocate for healthy eating and the benefits that come with this lifestyle, in hopes of challenging the city to “eat it raw”.

At the age of sixteen, Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram was diagnosed with hyperglycemia, considered to be the onset of diabetes. Her inquisitive nature led her to believe that her diet was directly correlated with her disease. On a visit to Whole Foods, John Rose, a popular juicing advocate, challenged Kristina to adapt a complete raw vegan diet. She immediately saw an improvement in her health, changing her life forever. Through her transition into a raw vegan lifestyle, she has become a strong advocate to healing with raw foods. Today Kristina Carillo-Bucaram is a highly sought after raw food pioneer and educator. Her positive energy radiates to everyone in her presence, inspiring and challenging people to change the way they eat and think about fruits and vegetables. In 2007 she founded Houston’s largest non-profit produce co-op “Rawfully Organic”. Today, the Co-op has raised over $2 million dollars for the Houston Agricultural and Organic Farming Community. Kristina is now considered a Houston celebrity and expert in the raw food lifestyle, spearheading an entire health alteration in Houston.

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram’s vast knowledge and expertise as a wellness advocate has prepared her for the February 2012 launch of “Fully Raw”. An educational raw-vegan coaching website, she uses the platform to share her holistic approach to transforming into a raw food lifestyle. In her effort to make information accessible to the world, she uses specific coaching tactics and builds individualized meal plans using recipes from her “Eat it Raw” classes and Rawfully Organic recipe archive. She hopes to start a raw food revolution and evoke a hunger for spiritual, mental, and physical health through eating organic living produce.

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