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Vegan Educator and Culinarian, Kristina Carillo-Bucaram, encourages and inspires healthy choices

Houston, TX.  May 17, 2012. Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, Founder of Rawfully Organic, the nation’s largest produce Co-op has inspired hundreds of thousands of Texans to improve their health by eating raw, organic fruits and vegetables.  Today, she is taking that passion a step further by sharing her knowledge on transitioning to the Vegan lifestyle through her coaching site, FullyRaw. (www.fullyraw.com)

FullyRaw is the online destination for anyone that wants to learn how to prepare whole, real foods. To encourage her online community to pump up the creative green goodness Kristina is launching a FullyRaw Recipe Competition with on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FullyRawKristina/app_190322544333196 . Participants can click on the “Recipe Gallery” tab and submit your recipe, photo, or video with no limits on postings. After the recipe is posted, friends and family are encouraged to vote on the recipe. Those who get the most votes become the winners.

The competition takes place from May 21st-31st. There will not be just 1 winner, but 12 who will walk away with a special prize! 10 more winners will also gain access into the Rawfully Organic Recipe Archive, which has over 120 Low Fat Raw Vegan seasonal recipes that uses over 100 different varieties of fruits and vegetables.  One special person will be selected by FullyRaw Kristina for a personal consultation as well based on the creativity of the recipe.

From inventive smoothies to luscious raw desserts, the recipe challenge is sure to ignite creativity and friendly competition for Vegan aficionados. Kristina’s mission is to share plant powered recipes virally and globally so that families can enjoy the benefits from eating in sync with the seasons.

Kristina elaborates, “The goal of this competition is to create a recipe community, where people can share raw recipes! Over time, the recipes will build, and everyone will be able to look back at the page and get ideas for making raw food dishes! We want families and friends to be able to celebrate eating fruits and vegetables in a new, exciting way! Eating raw is not meant to be scary, it is meant to be fun, and we want being FullyRaw to become popular!


The Challenge was inspired by Kristina’s very successful event, “Eat It Raw” Iron Chef Competition in October of 2011, which was the first Vegan competition of it’s kind in Texas. The event inspired over 100 participants to post and share recipes online in a weekly competition on the Rawfully Organic Facebook site with 4 of the weekly winners going on to compete in a live challenge at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center.  Kristina continues to share her recipes and inspires the nation with her weekly postings of Raw Vegan Recipes on Rawfully Organic.


About FullyRaw: Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram is a Wellness Educator and Vegan Culinarian whose mission is to help those on their journey of discovering the disease-preventing and healing power of eating raw, plant based foods. She empowers hundreds of thousands of people to embrace the consumption of living foods and combining them for optimal inner and outer beauty and vitality.  Kristina is currently working on her first book of delicious and creative recipes to be released in early 2013. Her advocacy for natural wellness blossomed from creating and running the nation’s largest organic produce Co-op, Rawfully Organic. For More Information on Kristina and her Wellness You Tube TV Channels, please visit:

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