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1). Think About Your Audience When creating relevant content, keep in mind, It should be something consumers want to read, watch or listen to. Address their needs and engage with them.

2). Optimize Your Content Content is King! and must be searchable if it’s ever to be found and read. Define your keywords and use them in the copy, your title and URL.

3). Define Your Goals Do not create content that does not match your objectives. This goes further than just generating leads or landing sales. It’s about your brand image, brand voice and brand tone and manner.
4). Engage in Conversation Questions are plentiful online, so follow the conversations to find the demand. What are folks talking about? How are they talking about it? Where’s it taking place? Once identified, provide answers and engage with your audience.

5). Choose the Right Social Platform Everyone consumes digital information differently. Not every idea is worthy of a blog post, or email blast. Sometimes, a quick tweet is all that’s you need. Ask yourself if the content is fitting for the channel before putting it out there.

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